Churchill Avenue News - Edition 23

Director of ۶app - Sacred Heart

23 14 June 2024

As Term 2 comes to an end, exams are finished, students have had Exam Feedback Day and we encourage them to learn about the study habits that suit them best, in order to improve and excel at the end of the year, when they will again complete exams. Units 2 and 4 have begun for our VCE and VCE-VM students. Our Year 12’s have begun the last stretch of study that they will do as a secondary school student. They will begin the Exam Ready Program in LM during Term 3, where they start to prepare for the end of year exams. This program is in its third year now and we believe it is a part of the success our Year 12’s have had in recent years. Our Year 10’s are busy getting recommendations for their Year 11 and 12 programs in preparation for Course Counselling which is early in Term 3. This is an exciting time for the Year 10’s as they plan their next 2 years at the College. We had the Winter Concert where our music students were able to showcase their amazing musical talents for parents, families and the school community. In the final weeks of the term we have some exciting things happening; the Winter Vinnies Sleepout, the Brennan Charity Run – raising money in honour of Mr Rob Brennan our late principal and Sacred Heart Day on the last day of term. Sacred Heart Day is mandatory for all students, we start with a mass, then we have the fair to raise money for charity and we end with the Talent Quest where again we get to witness some of the talents of our amazing students.

I look forward to the final few weeks of the term for the staff, students and families of Sacred Heart. I wish all our students a safe holiday and look forward to seeing everyone ready to go in Term 3.

Molly Coyne

Director of Sacred Heart ۶app