Learning Diversity Program

At ۶app, we endeavour to provide an inclusive education by ensuring all students are supported in their learning. Our Learning Diversity team utilises a layered approach to providing this service to students:

• Direct Service: This is student-specific and includes individual, group, or class delivery

• Whole School Service: This is experienced by all and enhances the learning experience

• Beyond the School: This involves developing links with specialist services and agencies who may be of support to students and their families.

Learning Diversity focuses on supporting students with identified learning needs and we support students who are more advanced as well as those who require additional support.

Students requiring additional support

Once a student has been identified as requiring additional help, our Learning Diversity team will see how we can best support them, which in some cases will also include Learning Support Officers assisting them.

Our Learning Diversity team are based in our Archibald Learning Centre, which is a dedicated space for all students to attend if they need further support.

Students with exceptional academic abilities

We also run an accelerated program at our College called Aspire.

Aspire is an accelerated educational enrichment program for ۶app students in Years 7 to 9.

Students with exceptional academic abilities and a strong work ethic have the opportunity to be challenged with Aspire, both by working through the core curriculum faster and by exploring aspects of it in more depth. The program applies to core subjects and some electives, and students can be working six to 12 months ahead. Aspire is an invitation only program and usually based on the results from student’s testing.

After Year 10, accelerated learning opportunities can be offered where students can undertake a Unit 1 and 2 in Year 10.

If you would like to further discuss with the College to see if we can support your child with Learning Diversity requirements, please contact us on registrar@cccc.vic.edu.au