Music Program

Music Program

Music Program

At ۶app, we believe that learning to play an instrument, and having an appreciation for music, is important for all students. Engagement with music can make a significant contribution to wellbeing, self-confidence, as well as academic progress. Our courses are designed to give students a meaningful and fulfilling introduction to the art of performing, listening and composing.
The opportunities provided to our students within the Music program include classroom music, private instrumental lessons, choirs and bands, VCE and VET Music programs, and the Encore program during Years 7 and 8.


Music scholarship applications are available by application and audition. The full music scholarship includes free tuition, books and instrument hire for a period of up to two years. To learn more about our scholarships click here.

Music in Action

Our Music students all have the opportunity to perform to an audience, both on stage and behind the scenes. Through regular classes, or in our multiple ensembles and bands, students can participate in masses, assemblies, and lunchtime performances, just to name a few. We also have an active AV Club which gives students the opportunity to see and work behind the scenes at these performances.

Other Music Forms

Instrument Music Tuition Application Agreement

2024 Instrumental Music Tuition Application Agreement

To submit an application for our Instrumental Music Tuition program, please complete the online digital PDF form via the below link. This can be returned in person or electronically to music@cccc.vic.edu.au.

PLEASE NOTE: payment is required upon submission of application form. This will not be accepted without payment being made in person or via Section C on the application form.

All fields on the application form are mandatory. If you encounter any issues when completing the form, please contact the College on 9296 5311.

Instrumental Withdrawal Form

This form is to be completed by a Parents or Carer of the student who has completed an Instrumental Music Application Form. This withdrawal notice is to inform the Director of Music of the withdrawal of a student from Instrumental Music tuition.

Download the Instrumental Withdrawal Form here.

If you have any questions please email the Director of Music at music@cccc.vic.edu.au.

Instrumental Hire Agreement Forms

This form is to be completed by a Parents or Carers for the hiring of a Instrument from our College.

Instrumental Hire Agreement Form