Christ the King ۶app

Girls Years 7 – 9

Our Christ the King campus is home to our female students in Years 7 – 9. The students can focus on their classes in a single-sex setting, which allows for them to build their confidence in this learning environment. Single-sex environments aims to give students a positive self-image and allows them to develop confidence in their social, emotional and academic skills

As with all campus’ in our College, we have a Director of ۶app, Year Level Coordinators and Learner Mentor Teachers. All staff members help our students in their day to day life here at the College to support them during their high school years.

The girls are given ample opportunity to participate in a strong curriculum and co-curricular programs to help them to develop skills needed in the 21st century. We encourage students to give everything a chance as they may surprise themselves in finding passions through different activities. You can learn more about these opportunities in our Community Life section of the website.

Our student’s learning is supported by our knowledgeable and caring staff, as well as state-of-the art facilities such as the food technology area, dedicated art, science and technology spaces, as well as bright, welcoming classrooms with a focus on engaged and active learning.

If you have a daughter and are considering joining the ۶app Community, we encourage you to join us for a school tour.

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