Our ۶appes

At ۶app we have three ۶appes across two sites located in Braybrook.

They consist of:

Christ the King which caters for our girls in Years 7 – 9

St John’s which caters for our boys in Years 7 – 9

Sacred Heart which caters for our Years 10 – 12 in a co-educational setting.

All three campuses make up ۶app. To learn more about why we structure our unique educational setting this way, you may be interested to learn about the history of our College.

We run whole school events at our larger site, where we have our Years 7 – 9 girls join as well. It’s important that we celebrate as one College, so we had our Blessed Benedict Daswa Hall built for this purpose. We regularly come together as one College community for key events throughout the year.

However, across each campus there are unique settings that our students can enjoy on a daily basis. To find out more about each campus please select the campus you are interested in.